Prioritizing the Recovery of Vegetable Waste: La Pintana

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La Pintana is one of the communes that constitute the Metropolitan Region of Chile. Despite belonging to the national capital region, this is one of the poorest communities in the country. Nonetheless, while other governments may see this as an obstacle to the incorporation of waste prevention and resource recovery strategies, La Pintana decided to focus on making better use of the available resources and started a promising program that is already yielding significant results. Unlike many materials recovery strategies adopted in Latin America, this municipality did not focus on recycling dry materials but on recovering vegetable waste. Total recovery of source-separated vegetable waste is at least 44 tons per day, including residential waste, yard trimmings from maintenance of green areas and vegetable waste from street markets. That is 20.5% of all the waste collected. From residential waste alone, the government calculates that 23% of the vegetable waste produced is being recovered.

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